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Xenon Light Parameter:
Tube voltage: 85V
Lumen: 3200 lumens
Max. Start the voltage: 23KV
Input current: 3.2A +/- 5%
Output power: 35W
Brightness: 3200 lumens
Long life: 3500 hours
Working temperature: -40 ° C ~ + 105 ° C
Lamp life: more than 3500 hours
Color Temperature:
 4300K Warm White
 6000K White
 8000K Cold White
 10000K   Crystal Blue  
 12000K Blue
1. High efficiency, low power consumption and high reliability;
2. Water-proof & anti-vibration
3. Excellent performance;
4. The Xenon beam appears as a bright white beam that resembles natrual, which will not cause any hard on the driver.
5. Provides safe driving for the driver.
Packaging & Delivery:
2 pcs Xenon lamp,1 box
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