Stainless Steel Tweezers Phone Repair IC Chips Motherboard Repair Tweezers for iPhone iPad Logic Board DIY Repair Hand Tool



Anti-static Tweezers for pick up Cell phone Logic Board electronic components, Stainless Steel Tweezers Cell Phone Repair Tool, precision anti-static Tweezers tools for mobile phone repair


  • Used to solder the IC chip, and install or replace parts
  • The tip of the tweezers is longer than the standard length, suitable for operation in precision electronic components
  • Tip of the tweezers is more powerful than the standard forceps and tweezers with strong clip board will not bend, the parts will not fall
  • These round to avoid damage to components suitable for the extraction of chip circuits
  • Special tapered tip of these tweezers, tip winger, suitable for operation in high-density integrated circuit chip components
  • This is a tip of the tweezers bent 45°, apply to components extracted in a narrow place
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