Carbon Steel Non Slip Round Jaw Pliers Locking Vice Grips Forceps Clamp Woodworking Clips Hand Tool


Carbon Steel Welding Tool Adjustable Jaw Pliers C Clamp Locking Mole Vice Grips Forceps
Carbon steel forging, high hardness, high torque, adjustable jaw opening.
The forceps can be used to screw, disassemble nuts, twist pipes and water pipes, and hold and fix objects or multiple objects.
Applicable to: electrical maintenance, family emergency maintenance, pipeline maintenance, mechanical maintenance, automobile maintenance, non-motor vehicle maintenance.

Material: carbon steel
Style A: Straight Jaw 185*55mm/7.28*2.17″
Style B: Straight Jaw 222*62mm/8.74*2.44″
Style C: Pointed Jaw 224*55mm/8.82*2.17″

1 X Pliers
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Round Jaw 7in, Round Jaw 10in, Straight Jaw 7in, Round Jaw 10in, Round Jaw 5in, Straight Jaw 10in, Pointed Jaw 9in