wire stripper and cable length adjustable multi-functional stripping terminal 0.2-6mm2 AWG24-10 hand tools crimping pliers




BV1 16PCS Red BV2 14PCS Blue FDD1.25-250 20PCS Red FDD2-250 20PCS Blue MDD1.25-250 20PCS Red MDD 2-250 20PCS Blue RV5.5-6 16PCS Yellow RV1-4 40PCS Red RV 2-4 30PCS Blue SV1-4 30PCS Red SV 2-4 20PCS Blue Product Name: 8 inch multi-function automatic wire stripper Length: 205mm material: Head: zinc alloy Cutter head: Cr12MoV, hardness HRC55-60, process wire cutting process. Pliers: A3 heat treatment Handle: PP+TPR Features: Stripping range: 24-10AWG/0.2-6mm2; Cutting function Terminal crimping: insulated terminal 22-10AWG/0.5-6mm2 Non-insulated terminal 12-10AWG/4-6mm2 Non-insulated terminal crimp: 16-14AWG/1.5-2.5mm2 Non-insulated terminal crimp: 22-18AWG/0.5-1mm2 How to use the adjustment screw: 1. Turn the adjusting screw to adjust the blade biting force, counterclockwise to reduce, clockwise increase 2. When peeling thin wires, please adjust the screws counterclockwise. 3. If the wire has a broken wire, please adjust the screw counterclockwise. 4. When it is difficult to strip or can not strip, adjust the screw clockwise.


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