29 in 1 Multifunctional Tread Bracelet Stainless Steel Outdoor Bolt Kits Wearable Tool Multitool Hand Tools Set EDC


  1.MULTITOOL BRACELET-29 in 1 outdoor emergency bracelet, all kinds of socket wrench, hex wrench, hex driver, word and Phillips screwdriver, oxygen tank wrench, carbonized glass breaker, SIM card , cutting hook, sleeve drive Adapter and bottle opener

2. Wear-resistant tread bracelet – This is not a regular bracelet. To make it durable, it is heavier than conventional bracelets (~9.6 ouns or ~275gr), making it durable. Combine your favorite tools to meet different adventure needs.

3. Ideal tool – ideal for camping, hiking, sailing, biking and any other outdoor activities. Ideal for Christmas, birthdays or gifts for any special day for a father, husband or boyfriend.

4. Wear a wrist strap – wear this multi-function bracelet on your wrist whenever an emergency tool is needed. You may want to remove unnecessary tools from your bracelet to fit your wrist. All tools, including bracelets, are larger than regular bracelets.

5. The logo you need will be on the bracelet

Watch chain features include: 

1-2Philips Screwdriver
1/4’’Box Wrench
Cutting Hook
SIM Card Pick
Carbide Glass Breaker
3/8’’ Box Wrench
3/32’’Hex Screwdriver
3/16’’ Box Wrench
1/8’’Hex Wrench
1/4’’ Hex Drive
3/16‘’Hex Drive
5mm Hex Driver
10mm Box Wrench
6mmHex Drive
3mm Hex Drive
4mm Hex Drive
1 Philips Screwdriver
6mm Box Wrench
2hilips Screwdriver
1/4′ Socket Adapter
Bottle Opener
2 ‘Square Screwdriver

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