ATSG 2017 Auto repair Manual Diagnostic Software Automatic Transmissions Service Group Repair Information


2017 new ATSG gearbox repair system transmission gearbox disassembly data software


Product Description:


ATSG is the abbreviation of the American Automatic Transmission Maintenance

Group. This is the automatic transmission maintenance information published by

it. It contains the automatic transmission of most models in the world, including

the maintenance, disassembly, technical bulletin and other information of the

automatic transmission. Indispensable information for automatic transmission

professionals! !



Software Parameters:


Software language: English.

Version: 2017

Suitable systems: windows xp, 7, 8, 10 32-bit and 64-bit.





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Software Introduction:


Program ATSG contains information about the repair and service of the automatic transfer box by the company’s automated Transmision service group. The program occupies a DVD program. The ATSG contains a large number of illustrations, unit and unit removal and assembly sequences, automatic transmission identification data from all basic manufacturers, and various technical and training information. Detailed description, a large number of disassembly sequences – assembly, control size, unit failure detection … simple, easy to work. As in the ATSG course, there is a lecture on automatic repair and maintenance training
The given procedure ATSG is especially useful for those who are engaged in repairing and servicing automatic transmissions.



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