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Car Circuit Electrical Tester Power Probe 12-24v Diode Continuous Sensor Diagnostic BT160

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BT160 car electrical circuit tester short and open circuit finder Power probe Automotive electrical system diagnostic tools 6-24V DC
Multi-function detection:
1. Ignition plug detection
2. Sensor detection
3. Grounding test, path test
4. Original activation
5.Component activation
6.Diode measurement
measuring range: 6-24V DC
Rapid positioning
Continuous measurement 
1.OVELOAD PROTECTION : The test pen has overload power- off protection. If the current is too large or the
2.BUZZER WARNING : load is too heavy during the power distribution process,
the test pen will be disconnected to protect the battery and a beep warning.
Safe and reliable measurement The instrument uses insulation
material national safety compulsory certification (CCC)
LED light prompt, quickly identify positive and negative 
LED light is bright green, Indicates the probe output positive voltage orthe probe test is the negativevoltage
LED light is red, Indicates thatthe probe outputs a negativevoltage or the probe is tested as a positive voltage.
The unit is the best electrical tester to reduce the diagnostic time in automotive electrical systems.
Its long cable makes testing easy.
After a simple connection of the unit to the vehicle’s battery, the automotive technician can conduct a positive or negative battery current to the tip by turning the switch forward or backward.
The unit has short circuit protection and can check for bad ground contact instantly.
It allows you to track and locate short circuits.
You can also test continuity with the help of your auxiliary ground lead.
It is a complete 6-24V DC test kit.
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