Car Tricolor 3Color LED Headlight Z5 H1 H4 H7 H11 HB4 50W 5800LM 3000K 4300K 6000K Yellow White Dual Two Color LED Bulbs


LHL-Z5 1




PAMPSEE Z5 Car Tricolor LED Headlight 50W 5800LM 3000K 4300K 6000K

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1. Model: H1 H3 880 H4 H7 H8/H9/H11 9005 9006 H13 9004 9007 9012 5202
2. LED Chip: FLIP 
3. LED Quantity: 12 PCS/Bulb (Single Beam);  18 PCS/Bulb (Hi/Lo Beam)
4. Voltage: DC 9-36V
5. Power: 50W/Bulb
6. Luminous Flux: 5800LM/Bulb
7. Color Temperature: 3000K、4300K、6000K (Three colors in one bulb)
**H4 H13 9004 9007 High Beam Only 6000K !
8. Canbus Function: No
9. Beam Angle: 270°
10. Lifespan: >30000 Hours
11. Waterproof Grade: IP65
12. Application: Car Headlight/Foglight   
13. Heat Dissipation: Aluminum Heatsink + high speed quiet fan



1.How to change the colors?

When you start the cars,the headlight will be 6000k;if you turn off the light and turn on again, the light will become 3000k; repeat this action, the light will become 4300K;


2.How to install the H1 H3 H7 H4 LED bulbs?

Please detach the bulb holder,and then clip the holders tightly, finally put the bulbs inside through the holder and rotate to fix it.




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