NEW 5 LEDs Car Door Opening Warning Lights Wireless Magnetic design Strobe Flashing Anti Rear-end Collision Safety Lamps




This product applies to all models

No external wiring

Open the door and light flashs

Turn off the door and turn off the light,or austomatic off after about 110 seconds for saving the energy.

For the safety of you and others at night, it is recommended to install car door warning lights.


: car door collision warning lamp

: R-1631

[Product color]: red, seven color, blue

: ABS, magnet

: about 20mm*9mm

: 15g/piece

[battery model]: CR2032 button battery included

[Product use]: danger of preventing sudden opening of doors


Easy to use and install

Extreme low power consumption from the led

Very bright led lights

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Emitting Color

2pcs 5 led Red, 4pcs 5 led Red, 2pcs 5 led Yellow, 4pcs 5 led Yellow, 2pcs 5 led Color, 2pcs 5 led Blue, 4pcs 5 led Blue, 4pcs 5 led Color