Universal Waterproof Panel Dashboard Circuit Board For Xiaomi M365/M365 Pro Electric Scooter

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Waterproof Silicone Dashboard
Panel Circuit Board Cover for Xiaomi Mijia M365/Pro Electric Scooter


  • 1.Put a protective film on
    your car, a silicone sleeve in the scooter, super waterproof, scratch
    protection, anti-scratch, anti-scratch, short circuit

  • 2.The visual panel, the
    visible area of the central control panel is specially thinned, and does not
    hinder the use of the digital panel.

  • 3.The surrounding silicone is
    thickened, anti-bump, soft edge, easy to remove and scratch-resistant

  • 4.Adhesive fixing, will not
    fall off, don’t worry about falling off during riding

  • 5General: The first generation
    scooter and the second generation scooter Pro universal model.

Installation Notes:

  • Step 1: Tear one side of the
    double-sided tape

  • Step 2: Tightly attached around
    the switch panel

  • Step 3: Tear to open the other
    side of the adhesive tape

  • Step 4: Put the silicone
    protective cover on the central control panel and pinch it on all sides.

  • Product material: silicone

Product List:

  • 1xSilicone Case



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