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VXDIAG VCX C6 For Mercedes Benz DIoP Car Diagnostic Tools SD Connect Diagnosis Auto OBD2 Code Scanner programming For MB Star C6


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*We are Only the VXDIAG Official Store in DiagTPro! 100% original product from VXDIAG.
*Adanced quality product, 2 year warranty.
1.The device inlcude the license for Benz,it is lifetime license,if you see the license time only have a 60 days,it is
normal,the license can be updated in VX-Manager for free.
2.We are support to provide the software link for Benz.
3.We are not support to provide the support if your device do not buy in our store.
4.Please remember to upgrade the firmware,DoIp,licnese and driver after you install the new version VX-Manager V1.8.4.0315.
5.If you need the VXDIAG Plastic box,please contact us.
5.If you have a problem about this product,please feel free to contact us,thank you^^

VXDIAG Allscanner VCX C6 For Mercedes Benz Professional Car Diagnostic Tool SD Connect wifi Obd2 code scanner programming support the car year 2005-2021(12V)

Why Choose VXDIAG C6:

VXDIAG For Xentry Diagnosis VCI is the latest interface for For Mercedes & SMART vehicle scan tool can replace Star C4/C5.

VXDIAG For Xentry Diagnosis VCI also called Star C6,For Benz C6 multiplexer to provide complete

communication between a vehicle and the VXDIAG For XENTRY software which loaded on a PC.

Vxdiag For Xentry have a Same Functions like Original Diagnosis Vci,It Is Cheapr and it have a good quality.

1.VXDIAG Diagnosis VCI support DoIP function, cover more functions like C4/C5.

2.VXDIAG Diagnosis VCI functions including diagnostic, programming, simulation studying,repair

information, automotive maintenance,technical service bulletin and so on.

3.VXDIAG Diagnosis VCI does not need a power supply unit for external power supply.

4.VXDIAG Diagnosis VCI multiplexer with a small,sturdy construction (no PC core,battery,fan,or display).

5.The device support the car year 2005-2021(12V)


1.Option:”Device Only”—without software,we are not support to provide the software link for Benz.

2.Option:”Wth 1TB HDD”: 1TB HDD include the file for BMW and for Benz.not include the BMW license.

3.Option:”With 500G HDD”:500G HDD include the file for Benz.

4.Option:”With 2TB HDD”:2TB HDD include all brands file.

5.’Option:’With Lenovo laptop”: the laptop is second hand renovation laptop,90% brand new without problem,it is a professional laptop for diagnosis,the technician will test it before ship the parcel,please don’t worry.

6.Laptop specification is Core i5,4G CPU(will add more 2G,i5,6g)

7.The device include the license for Benz,not include the another license,if you need the device work for another car brands,you can pay the license to activate it.

Top 3 special function:

  • 1.The device support to do the remote diagnostic,it is include the free Donet license.
  • 2.The license,firmware can be update in our driver app,it is a lifetime license and it support to work with the new software
  • 3.The device support the DOIP.

All system diagnostic function

The Diagnostics application enables a data link to the electronic control system of the test vehicle for vehicle diagnosis. The application performs functional tests, retrieves vehicle diagnostic information such as trouble and event codes and live datafor various vehicle control systems, such as ABS, SRS, Engine, Transmission, Brake System, Emission System, Fuel system,Light system, Wiper System etc.

  • Engines (All Gasoline & Diesel Systems).
  • Transmissions and Electronic Selector Modules.
  • Airmatic and Active Body Control Suspension Systems.
  • Traction Systems: ESP / ASR / ETS / ABS / BAS / SBC braking systems.
  • Supplementary Restraint Systems (SRS) / Airbag, All body modules OCP / UCP / LCP / SCM / SKF / KFB / RCM / DCM’s
  • Drive Authorisation System.
  • Sam (Signal Acquisition) Modules.
  • Electronic Ignition System (EIS).
  • Pneumatic System Equipment and ATA functions.
  • Air Conditioning / climate control Systems.
  • Instrument Cluster.
  • Tyre Pressure Control.
  • Parktronic System.
  • Keyless Go.
  • D2b Command & Audio Gateway (D2B and MOST networks).
  • TV Tuner.
  • Headlamp Range Adjustment.
  • Seat Electronics.
  • Rvc, RST & Vario Roof modules.
  • Automatic Clutch System ACS.
  • M-Class Body Modules (AAM / EAM / DAS / SEM / VG Transfer Case).
  • Assyst & ASSYST + systems.

VXDIAG Support Multi special function:

For various scheduled service and maintenance include Maintenance Light Reset, throttle learning, steering angle learning, brake pad reset, tire pressure reset, ABS exhaust,battery matching,gear information learning,injector coding, DPF regeneration,headlight matching, gearbox learning, suspension matching ,Sunroof initialization, A/F adjustment, electronic pump start, release transportation mode, tire modification, door and window calibration, urea reset, NOx reset,start-stop setting, language setting, seat calibration, shielding failure, etc.


*Oil Lamp,Oil Reset

This function allows you to perform reset for the engine oil life system, which calculates an optimal oil life change interval depending on the vehicle driving conditions and climate.

*Electronic Parking Brake Reset

It is important in the maintenance of electronic braking system’s safety and efficiency.


*Steering Angle Calibration

Helping clear the fault steering angle sensor memories and plays an important role in the steering angle sensor calibration.


*ABS Bleeding

This function allows you to perform various bi-directional tests to check the operating conditions of Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).

*Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset

This function allows you to quickly look up the tire sensor IDs from the vehicle’s ECU, as well as to perform TPMS replacement and sensor test.


*Gear Learning

The scan tool monitors certain camshaft position sensors signals to determine if all conditions are met to continue with the procedure for Engine running.

*Injector Coding

Leaking injectors and some dead injectors can be missed even when an injector is disabled. Other problems with the ignition system and mechanical components also may not show an rpm loss when aninjector is turned off

*Battery Maintenance System Reset

allows the scan tool to evaluate the battery charge state, monitor the close-circuit current, register the battery replacement, and activate the rest state of the vehicle.


*Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration

specially works for Diesel Particulate Filter system with DPF regeneration, DPF component replacement teach-in and DPF teach-in after replacing the engine control unit.


*Electronic Throttle Position Reset

This function enables you to make initial settings to throttle actuators and returns the “learned” values stored on ECU to the default state. Doing so can accurately control the actions of regulating throttle (or idle engine) to adjust the amount of air intake.

*Gearbox Matching

1. This function can complete the gearbox self-learning to improve gear shifting quality.

2. When the gearbox is disassembled or repaired (after some of the car battery is powered off), it will lead to shift delay or impact problem. In this case, this function needs to be done so that the gearbox can automatically compensate according to the driving conditions so as to achieve more comfortable and better shift quality.


*AFS (Adaptive Front-lighting System) Reset

This feature is used to initialize the adaptive headlamp system. According to the ambient light intensity, the adaptive headlamp system may decide whether to automatically turn on the headlamps, and timely adjust the headlamp lighting
angle while monitoring the vehicle speed and body posture.

*Sunroof Initialization

This function can set the sunroof lock off, closed when it rains, sliding / tilting sunroof memory function, temperature threshold outside the car etc.


*Suspension Calibration

1. This function can adjust the height of the body.

2. When replacing the body height sensor in the air suspension system, or control module or when the vehicle level is incorrect, you need to perform this function to adjust the body height sensor for level calibration.

And many more function..

VXDIAG C6 device support work with more car barnds:

The device support to work for BMW,for GM,for JLR,for Toyota,for VOLVO,for Porsche,for Subaru,for Ford,for Mazda,

for Honda,for VW,compatiable with the function like the original device,if you need the device work for another car brands,

you can pay the license and send me your device series number,then we will help you activate the license for another car brands.



The device only include the license for Mercedes Benz,if you need the device work for another car brands,please contact us to buy the license and activate it.if you have any question,please feel free to contact us,Thanks you^^.

VXDIAG C6 Support Multi-Language:





1X USB Original Cable

1X OBD2 Cable

1x LAN Cable

1X Original Box


Device only, With 1TB HDD, With 2TB HDD, With 500G HDD, With lenovo laptop