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Autel MaxiLink ML529 OBD2 Scanner Car Auto Diagnostic Tool OBD 2 EOBD Code Reader Full OBDII Diagnosis Function PK Al519 CR6001

$149.99 $243.43

Autel MaxiLink ML529 Full OBDII Scanner

■ Introductions

Autel, as one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the automotive aftermarket, dedicates itself to developing professional diagnostic tools and translating global clients’ needs into superior cost-effective and innovative products with strong R& D and production capabilities.
MaxiLink ML529, an extremely useful tool from Autel, is all you’ll need to check engine faults on most 1996 and newer OBDII compliant vehicles. The code reader will help to easily determine the DTCs for the Check Engine Light, turn Check Engine Light off, clear codes and reset monitors, and easily retrieve vehicle information and display monitor and IM readiness status.

■ Bullet Points

1. ENHANCED MODE 6: Accessing the results of on-board diagnostic monitoring tests for specific components/systems, and you can easily determine if the components or the monitors are fine by comparing the monitors’ current value, minimum and maximum values.
2. ACCURATE TESTING: Code reader ML529 can accurately read and erase engine error codes and view live data on most 1996 and newer OBDII protocols vehicles and efficiently display the monitored data like I/M Readiness, O2 Sensor Test, and Freeze Frame Data.
3. USEFUL DATA PLAYBACK: The Data Playback allows viewing and printing data from last recorded test, and you can connect the tool to a Windows-based PC with supplied USB Cable to print the recorded DTC data when data-sharing is needed.
4. BUILT-IN DTC LOOKUP: To shorten your diagnostic time and bring you great user experience, this code reader is equipped with a built-in DTC library that guides you directly to the faulty components via showing the definitions of the codes on the 2.8-in LCD screen.
5. WARRANTY & SERVICE: The code reader is guaranteed with 12-month warranty for all defects in materials and workmanship, and the after-sale service is and will be supported by the Autel headquarters in Chinaa.

■ Full OBDII Functions

The code reader Autel ML529 is a useful tool for enhanced OBDII diagnosis on most 1996 and newer vehicles that are compatible with OBDII protocols. The code reader support full 10 test modes of OBDII diagnosis and you can use it to:
1. Read and erase engine error codes that stored in ECUs and turn off the check engine light after servicing and repairing; the codes include generic (P0, P2, P3 and U0), manufacturer-specific (P1, P3 and U1) and pending codes;
2. View live data to analyze the components running status and retrieve freeze frame data that records the engine components’ running status when a fault code detected;
3. Check I/M readiness to identify if the vehicle perfectly finishes the self-test and will pass the State Emission Test;
4. Check On-board Monitor Test that accesses the results of on-board diagnostic monitoring tests for specific components/systems to determine if the components or the monitors are fine;
5. Analyze O2 Sensor Test result to know the Oxygen content in the exhaust and make adjustment for the best air-fuel ratio;
6. Retrieve vehicle information (VIN, CID and CVN) for accurate diagnosis.

■ Other Features

1. Built-in DTC Lookup: The code reader ML529 is designed with built-in DTC library that allows you to check the definitions of engine error codes and determine the source of the problem.
2. Data Printing: The code reader has the function of Data Playback that allows viewing and printing of data from last recorded test. Download and install the Maxi PC Suite on your Window-based PC, and you can print the stored data via Autel Printer software that is concluded in Maxi PC Suite.
3. Internet Update: Simply connect the tool to your PC via supplied USB cable, and you are able to update the tool to get a wider vehicle or component coverage and the latest bug fixes.

■ Multilingual Support

It supports a multilingual menu and DTC definitions in English, Spanish and French.

■ Warranty

12-month warranty for any possible quality problems.

■ Specifications

Display:                                       ‖  2.8-inch LCD (320×240 dpi)
Connectivity:                               ‖  USB mini 2.0
                                                     ‖  OBD II DB15
Operating Temp.:                         ‖  0℃ to 60 ℃ (32℉ to 140℉)
Storage Temp.:                             ‖  -20℃ to 70 ℃ (-1℉ to 158℉)
External Power:                            ‖  8.0 to 18.0V power provided via vehicle battery
Dimensions (L*W*H):                 ‖  183 mm (7.2〃) x 91 mm (3.58〃) x 33 mm (1.3〃)
Weight:                                         ‖  237 g (0.522 lb.)

■ Packing List

1 * Main Unit
1 * OBDII Cable
1 * USB Cable
1 * User Manual
1 * Quick Guide