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ANCEL S3000/20001000 Automotive Smoke Leak Detector is a professional car pipeline smoke leak detector tool .It can quickly perform various tests on automobiles motorcycles, and accurately locate leaks on the vehicle pipeline system.


[Safe for all vehicles] ANCEL automotive smoke machine leak detector is made of thick solid metal, compact and durable.


smoke machine heats up the baby oil or mineral oil to produce smoke vapor. This vapor does not have any toxic particles which could cause harm to the body. It’s entirely safe for all vehicles.

[Ideal for checking all types of leaks] ANCEL S3000 evap smoke machine comes with various tapered smoke injection nozzles, which can fit in almost all lines and hoses and an detect even the smallest leaks. You can test connectors, seals, gaskets, worn rubber, exhaust or cooling systems, intake manifolds, low-pressure Turbo leaks, vacuum leaks, and EVAP systems. Therefore, It’s perfect for checking all types of leaks.

[Save you time and money ] A vehicle may run into a problem at any moment and anywhere. ANCEL S3000 automotive smoke machine will make it easy for you to detect both vacuum and EVAP leaks. Get S3000 car smoke machine and solve the problem by yourself, You’ll save time and money and learn a new skill.

[Easy-to-use automotive smoke machine] The operation to test for leaks is almost straightforward. after putting the desired EVAP smoke machine fluid, fasten the power cable and connect the air supply to check the leaks. ANCEL S3000 has a hanging on vehicle hoods. ANCEL S3000 automotive smoke machine features a flow meter,which is easy to read, enabling you to estimate the size of a leak.

【Overheat & Anti-frost Protection】This smoke detector has an intelligent protector, if it exceeds the working limit, such as over 75 ℃, it will automatically turn off the power to secure the safety of both the operator and device

How to do leakage test?

1. Turn OFF the ignition of the vehicle.


2.Dismantle the air filter and the throttle connections.

3.Clean the inner wall of the intake opening to avoid sharp objects and put the Universal Intake

Adapter into the opening

4.Connect the Power Cord to 12V vehicle battery.

5.Now the Power LED would be ON, if else check the power supply.

6.Introduce the smoke nozzle into the system via the Adapter Cone

7.Press Air Control Switch, wait for 30 seconds until the system is pressurized, and check the Pressure Gauge & Flow Meter reading for leak status, if the unit is equipped with Pressure Gauge & Flow Meter

8.Press Smoke Control Switch, .unplug and Plug back the smoke nozzle back into the Cone Adapter when there’s obvious smoke coming out of the smoke nozzle

9.The system will be ready for leak check in 2 minutes. Use a bright light torch or working lamp to assist

10.After test, press Smoke Control Switch again to stop the unit from generating smoke and

press Air Control Switch to stop generating pressurized air

11.Collect the Smoke Hose and the Power Cord with the Velcro Straps for storage. Hang the unit or make it stand in UPRIGHT position only. Do NOT lay it down.


Intake System Test,Exhaust Systems Test,Crankcase system test,Car Sealing Test,Fuel Tank System Test,Turbo System Test,Various Pipe Fittings Test.

ANCEL S3000 Car Smoke Leak Detector Support All of Car Models

For detecting the leakage of pipe systems on cars,motorcycles,snowmobiles,off-road vehlicles,ATVS,light trucks and speedboats,Suitable for all car models

Independent Switch Control Design

AIR MODE—-independently controlled built-in air pump

SMOKE MODE—independently controlled smoke generator

ANCEL S3000 Car Leak Detector Status Indication


Overheat Protection:When the temperature of the device exceeds 75℃,power protection will be intelligently activated to turn it off.

Anti-frost Protection:The device can also work normally at -20℃


1.When you use this ANCEL S3000 Car Smoke Leak Detector for the first time, fill with 20ml oil . Please be careful NOT to beyond this range.

2.The testing liquid : both liquid paraffin and baby oil are OK.

3.Fresh oil can be filled with only when the smoke gets thin, and it can’t be filled over 20ml each time.

4.Before filling fresh oil, please pour out the left oil in the detector & replace the detector oil regularly.

5.During the process of leak detection, please keep away from smoke-sensitive parts.

6.Do NOT run the detector over 8 minutes continuously. It needs interval rest.

7.The detector has an intelligent protector, if it exceeds the working limit, such as over 75 ℃, it will automatically turn off the power. In this case, please operate it later.

8.The round part of this detector has temperature, please be careful to avoid burns.

9.If the test pipe needs to be disconnected in the middle, please secure the other side with a rubber stopple.

Smoke Leak Detector ANCEL S3000/2000/1000

***Oil Refifill Port: For oil refifill while its needed. The funnel is a nice helper to prevent oil from poured to the surface of the unit

***Velcro Strap For collection of the smoke delivery hose, and power cord before storage.

***Smoke Outlet Port :While set up the unit, the Smoke Delivery Hose need to be mounted onto the Smoke Outlet .

***Power Socket: While set up the unit, the power cords need to plug into the power socket.

***State Indication and Air Control:The LED Indication has two states. RED: Power ON. GREEN: Pressurized air production. While power up the unit, the LED would turn RED. Press Air Control switch, the LED Indication would turn GREEN, and the unit start to generate pressurized air. Press Air Control switch again anytime, the LED Indication would turn RED, and the unit stops generating pressurized air.

***State Indication and Smoke Control:The LED Indication has three states. OFF: Smoke generation not started. GREEN: Smoke generation. RED: Overheat. While not smoke the unit, the LED would be OFF. Press Smoke Control switch, the LED Indication would turn GREEN, and the unit start to generate smoke. Press Smoke Control switch again anyitme, the above LED Indication would turn OFF,and the unit stops generating smoke. While the smoke generating chamber is overheat, for protection, the smoke generation would be halted and the LED Indication would turn RED and restart generating smoke while the smoke generating chamber cooled down, or you can switch it OFF by pressing Smoke Control switch.

***System Pressure Gauge: The Pressure Gauge displays the output pressure of the machine if block the smoke outlet port, otherwise it shows the real time pressure of the system been testing.

***Flow Meter: The purpose of the flow meter is to provide a quick visual indication of the amount of air/smoke passing through the system being tested. If the smoke nozzle is in a closed system, and there are no leaks in that system, the flow meter will read zero (ball at bottom of scale). As the system is filled with air or smoke, the ball in the flow meter will slowly fall to the bottom of the scale as the pressure in the system equalizes to the output pressure of the unit. As the flow decreases, the output pressure will increase. If the flow meter ball never falls to the bottom of the scale, there is leakage or air passing through the system. It is not necessary to use smoke when using the flow meter to determine if a leak exists.

***Flow Dial: In many cases excessive smoke existing a leak may make it difficult to determine the exact location of the leak. The purpose of the Flow Control Valve is to decrease the amount of smoke existing a leak so that its position may be pinpointed without the masking effect of excessive smoke. Turn clockwise to decrease flow, counterclockwise to increase flow. This valve is also used to lock out the system under test and observe any pressure decay on the pressure gauge.

***Oil Level Gauge: While set up the unit, smoke oil need to be filled into the unit, do not exceed the MAX line. Check and confirm proper oil level periodically. If the oil level is lower than the MIN line,the unit would need a refill.

Product Parameter

Power Supply: DC12V
Output pressure: 0.5~0.8 bar
Air pressure output: built-in air pump
Main unit dimensions:85×130×185mm
Length of Power Cord: 2.5 Meters
Length of Smoke Hose: 2.5 Meters

ANCEL S3000 Packing List

1*Power Cord: To offffer connection from the unit to the automobile battery, in order to drive the unit.

1*Funnel: Assistance method for smoke oil refifill, to prevent pour oil to the unit surface.

1*Hook up: To hang the somke machine in the car

1*User Manual: Detailed descriptions about how to use the smoke machine automotive.

1*Intake Bladder: To fifit the intake and exhaust, seal the system and introduce smoke into the system. Especially while the inlet position is not rounded-shape.

1*Adapter Cone: To fifit the intake and exhaust, seal the system and introduce smoke into the system. It may fall out at high pressure and need a second hand to push and hold at operation.

1*Replacement Rubber: The rubber on the Intake Bladder may be easily broken, if not operate it properly with caution.The rubber could be replaced with new one without replace the whole Intake Bladder.

1*Smoke Delivery Hose: For introduction of smoke from the unit to Adapter Cone / Universal Intake Bladder or to the vacuum pipe directly.

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